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Okay kiddos, it’s that time.

Here come the opinions…

Am I the only one who smells something a little fishy? Who can’t help but feel an unease and uncertainty about all of this? Rhetorical question, because I’ve talked to a few people who have expressed they feel the same way.

I will confess right here and now that, despite my loving/having loved Vol’jin, I believe he’s had it out for Garrosh since day one, when Cairne was poisoned without Garrosh knowing, and before Eitrigg had been able to talk with Garrosh, Vol’jin was already whispering the lies of Garrosh being a traitor to the Horde. (The Shattering by Christie Golden.)

Picture 1. Upon asking Vol’jin why he’s rebelling against Garrosh, this is his response. Asking YOU how YOU could still call him Warchief, and using really obvious political speech tools such as comparing one to the ‘elite’ society, and asking you reversed questions to try to make you question and doubt yourself into submission. It doesn’t really answer the question, but it puts you off guard and opens you to be convinced otherwise.

That being said- Yes, Garrosh butts heads with the other races, he has a bit of a hard time knowing how to treat people who aren’t orcs. But he has stated multiple times that he respects anyone who will fight beside him. It’s been pointed out a few times as to why he views the Blood Elves as he does- how he initially met them on the battlefield when they were recovering from their own war. They were weak and unprepared and forced by Sylvanas and Thrall to send people anyway. This is how he met them, and it’s taking a while to recover from that. Yet still, after all of that, even with how much he and Lor’themar butt heads, when somebody tried to tell Lor’themar to shut up, Garrosh told them “Hold your tongue, the Regent Lord may speak his mind to me.” Despite the fact that what he said was actually against what Garrosh expressed, he did not silence him. He took his opinion in and let him have his say. Mind you this was two expansions ago, but Garrosh himself hasn’t been seen (In any progressive lore since the culmination of the Dominance Offensive quests where he dropped the bellball on Anduineveryone.)

Picture 2. Again, I— I get where you’re coming from Vol’jin, but the happy family idea that you’re trying to woo me with is not practical. It sounds warm and cozy as an inside way of living, but we do have the Alliance to worry about- you know- those people you’re conspiring with? Thrall strove for peace, and that got handed back to him bloody and mangled multiple times. It doesn’t work. Garrosh is seeking to find supplies, room, and the power to keep his people safe and comfortable and strong. His overall aim is well intended, despite him being a bit blind to what it’s costing him. ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions.’

Picture 3. If one had not done the Dagger in the Dark scenario, Vol’jin’s words insinuate that Garrosh himself lashed out on Vol’jin. That was not the case. The attempted assassination was brought about by a long string of arguments between the two, and many rumors and threats- many and most of them from Vol’jin’s side. The fact that he words it as though the Warchief simply lost his shit and attacked him is suspicious, as dishonest words are not a way to gain trust from those who have seen the overall story.

Picture 4. To me this just shows Vol’jin’s immaturity- the fact that so much of this is more about spite and a personal dislike rather than the actual good. He’s snickering and laughing, hoping that Garrosh is paranoid, that he’s hearing rumors about him. He seems more focused on the personal pleasure he will get from Garrosh discovering he’s alive than anything else. So much of this screams ‘personal issues’ over ‘For the Horde!’, and I’m not too keen on that.

It’s very hard for me to be peachy with this when so much of it just seems to be faulty. I can’t say for sure what I actually think is going on behind all of this, but I can say that I’m sensing a lot of bullshit from him and at this point, if things really do turn out the way they “seem”, then I will have lost a lot of faith in Blizzard’s writing.

I have a few friends who share my sentiments. Since these long, drawn-out conversations and debates seem to perturb a number of tumblr users, we would like to extend a friendly invitation to hit us up on skype during the evenings to chat about this and other lore. We are all of the understanding that not everyone’s opinions are the same, and that’s okay, but a healthy debate can be both stimulating and recreational!

( ADRunesol, Vrrrasha, Abyssiansoul)

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posted on May 25, 2013

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